• CrowdFundKILL is fruit of the author’s personal reflection on the daily relation with technology.

    The possibility to use with extreme easiness, tools which allow us in any moment to access an endless amount of information, news, images and videos has in fact, changed completely, the perception of reality and knowledge we have today.

    We live in an era where the boundaries that have always characterised the day-to-day life continue to shrink thanks to technology, and even this condition of privilege has its price: vulnerability.

    This world on the “net” exposes us, makes us attackable, vulnerable.

    What about if a trap such as this was plotted against whom for years, grounds maximum protected and has legitimisation to power?


    Direction and subject
    Davide Carafòli

    Emanuele Morelli, Francesco Lanza, Davide Carafòli

    director of photography
    Fabio Possanzini

    Andrea Tripodi, Alessio Suzzi, Davide Carafòli

    video editor
    Andrea Branchi

    production manager
    Filippo Broglia

    director’s assistant
    Riccardo Riccardi

    Davide Carbonari, Andrea Brolpito

    sound engineer
    Diego Colombo

    Giulia Virzo, Martina Manzo e Vanessa Bianchi

    sound design
    Giacomo Vaghi

    casting & pre-production
    Chiara Granata, Monica Roncaglia

    web communication
    Silvia Benigno

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