• “Crowdfundkill” is a political thriller web show with a strong musical verve set in Milan.

    An anonymous producer promotes a rock band inscribing it on a fundraising website dedicated to musical projects.

    But when the musical project was already online, inexplicably some lines of text were added: “Music is freedom. Music will free you. Music is ready. The funds raised will finance an operation to eliminate three influential persons in the Italian political scene”.

    This way, unexpectedly politicians, policemen, hackers and reporters with their heads down enter in the life of the four young musicians.

    The guys tremble, as well as the halls of power, under this massive attack, unstoppable, of a clever as much as insane operation.

    Meanwhile, a pacific organization, “Mani Blu” (Blue Hands), demonstrating with their hands up and painted, for the need of political change.

    Only one element, exacerbated by an inexorable countdown, unites them all: the waiting for the end.

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